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Location guide

So much goes into creating artful, timeless family photos -- location is one of the most important. We live in such an incredible part of the world with no shortage of awe-inspiring scenery. Locations help us tell stories but they also help create a sense of time and place: the cherry blossoms in the spring, scenic mountain vistas in the summer, the changing colours of autumn, snowy winters.

Below are some of my favourite locations for outdoor photos throughout the year. This list is by no means exhaustive! I'm always looking for new, beautiful, and special locations, but these are the ones I return to again and again.


UW Cherry Blossoms

When people think of cherry blossoms in Seattle, they think of the Quad at the University of Washington. My MA alma mater, I spent every moment I could reading under the trees and revel in the chance to share the joy of experiencing them with families year after year.


Hamilton Viewpoint Cherry Blossoms

A hidden gem in beautiful West Seattle, this location is perfect for families who want a less crowded but no less scenic location. With gorgeous plum and cherry blossom trees and views of the Seattle skyline, Hamilton Viewpoint is a perfect spot for spring photos.


Tanner Landing

For those who want to venture a little further afield, Tanner Landing in North Bend is a wonderful spot. Gorgeous greens, clear blue streams, and peekaboo views of Mount Si are the highlights of this location.



Point Robinson Park

A quick ferry ride from West Seattle is gorgeous Vashon Island. Point Robinson is my favourite -- and the most accessible -- location on Vashon. For families who want a location like Lincoln Park but with easier access to both trees and the beach along with far fewer crowds, Point Robinson is it.


Cove Park

Hidden next to the Fauntleroy ferry dock, Cove Park has the most perfect little beach with space to play and explore. The best part, though? The views of the ferries and the boats in the Sound. Cove Park is beautiful and accessible all year round but my favourite time to come is in the summer.


Olympic National Park

Olympic National Park has no shortage of incredible vistas. One of my favourites is Bear Gulch at Lake Cushman, not far from Hood Canal. A mostly secluded beach on the lake with gorgeous views of the mountains, this is the perfect location for adventurous summer family photos. Road access and snowpack dictates when we can access this amazing spot, making it that much more special.



Lincoln Park

When people in West Seattle want holiday photos, they want them at Lincoln Park. And it's hard to blame them -- the changing leaves are incredible without having to stray very far from home!


Seattle Chinese Garden

On the campus of South Seattle College is an incredible Chinese garden. Fun fact: it's the location where I get my family photos done every year! Open fields to run and play, a beautiful bamboo forest, and impressive architecture make this spot perfect for varied fall family photos.


Gold Creek Pond

Another spot that's gorgeous all year round, fall remains my favourite time to do photos here. The changing leaves and mountain views are unparalleled -- and it's right off I-90, making this one of my most accessible adventure locations.