Hi, I’m Brigit

Lover of sunshine, bright colours, and seeing everything with the eyes of a traveler

My photography is inspired by my time living overseas and learning to find the adventure in making a life back home

I speak eight languages (in order of fluency/understanding: English, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Chinese, Spanish, Greek, and Irish) and know a bit of ASL.

Both my oldest and I are neurodiverse and I want to ensure families like mine are seen, respected, and get the same opportunities for nice family photos as neurotypical families. Do please email and let me know how I can best work with you.

This is usually the part where people tell you where they're from, but my story is a bit more complicated than most. San Diego is my adopted hometown, Seattle is my current home, but my heart resides somewhere on a back street in Tokyo (one with a good coffee shop, an izakaya, and maybe a convenience store). As you might have guessed, I've lived all over the United States and East Asia (Japan, South Korea, and China). I used to be an academic (a social scientist and historian, to be exact), then I worked in tourism to North Korea (ask me about it sometime), then as a bilingual Japanese preschool teacher, and now as a photographer.

Your session with me

Growing up in a big Irish family, teaching from preschool to college, and now raising my own kids, I have a unique perspective and a knack for making everyone at any age feel comfortable, seen, and welcomed.

The biggest thing I've learned in both my journey as a photographer and as a mum is the importance of play. We're going to move around, we're going to play games, we're going to get as silly as we wanna be, and most of all, we're going to come away with some amazing memories in some of the most beautiful places on this earth.

Even before our session, I get to know you: who you are, who everyone in your family is, and how you see yourselves: what do you love? What makes you happiest? What makes you laugh? Every family is unique and it's a joy and an absolute privilege every time I meet a new family and get a glimpse into their lives, or when a family comes back and I get to see how much they've changed and grown.

Your photos should reflect your unique, beautiful family right where you are in this very moment in time. I can't wait to chat with you and help you make some memories!

Learn more about my philosophy and how I run sessions here.

"To live would be an awfully big adventure."

Let's do this!

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All sessions require a $100 deposit to secure your spot with the remainder of your session fee due the day of your session.