We all get one wild and precious life. Remember every stage of yours by capturing it on film.

Don’t live with regrets for the times you barely remember.

Save them.

Every stage of life is precious and special

Every minute, we're changing, growing, and becoming more ourselves. As parents, we're so blessed to get to know the little people we're raising and help shape them into their best selves.

Every new stage of life brings new things to love about them and learn about each other.

Never regret that times with them went by too quickly -- capture them on camera before they're gone. Capture lots of memories and capture them often.

Real, Uncut, Unobtrusive

Your session with me will be play-based. Easy-to-understand games, gentle prompting, and asking you about yourselves through stories are how I help everyone feel at ease and make sure we capture those big belly laughs and toothy smiles.

Each session is tailored to each family because no two families are alike! I strive to get to know you as best I can before our session. My one goal is to make everyone feel at ease. No one is pressured to smile; rather, I ask everyone to focus on each other, play games, and tell me stories. This is how I make sure your sessions are about you. Lifestyle photography captures you as you are, where you are, right now.

Nothing brings out the real smiles like play, no matter how old we get.

My Philosophy

If you've ever been frustrated trying to get your kids to smile, I get you. The one thing I've learned throughout my life and as a photographer is that nothing brings out the real smiles like play. Even as adults, big movements and sharing joy together through play bring out the big smiles and our most authentic emotions.

Let me tell the story of your unique family through photography.

My photography philosophy




Info you can use

Frequently Asked Questions

You've got questions, I've got answers

Packages & Add-Ons

Choose your own adventure!

I want to deliver the best. I want you to have the most fun you've ever had at our session, to come away thinking, "wow, that was a blast!" I also want you to be able to choose the add-ons that work for your family. Want prints? I offer that! Love the look of film? Me, too! Just want digitals? I can do that!

I want to make sure everyone who wants to work with me can do so, so you'll find sessions at varying price points and with different add-ons for each. Do please note that film images and photo albums are only available to full session clients. Have questions?

Still have questions? Shoot me an email!

What is the booking process like?

FAQ : Sessions


Once you fill out my booking form or send me an email, I'll be in contact within 24 hours to discuss availability. After we set our date and time, I send over paperwork via HoneyBook for you to fill out and place your $100 retainer for our session. You'll also receive a questionnaire which will let me get to know you all a little better before we meet and know how best to work with you.

how do we prepare for our session?


Every session includes a preparation guide that includes more info about my sessions, how to talk to your kids about getting photos taken with me, and how to style everyone for our session so you look your best in every season. Full session families also receive extra styling help through my styling service so you can choose new clothes at a price point that works for you, or just help envision how pieces you already have will work together for our session. The most important thing, though, is just to come ready to play. No one is expected to "behave," but you are expected to be your most genuine selves!

How long do we have to wait to get our full gallery of images?


booking the right photographer for your family can sometimes feel overwhelming; the process opaque. If you have any questions which I haven't answered here, feel free to email me.

Turnaround time is generally about two to three weeks. This gives me plenty of time to pick the best images, edit them so they're the most beautiful they can be, and get them back to you. It also gives me grace to attend to my own life as a busy mum with kids who sometimes get sick or have trouble sleeping, just like yours. In the busy Fall and Winter months, this turnaround time may be quicker, but again, life happens to us all sometimes. Thank you for your grace and patience!

FAQ : Covid-19

What if we've had a covid exposure?

What if one of our group is sick or we have high temperatures?

If you find you've been in close contact with someone contagious with Covid-19 within 10 days of our session, please inform me as soon as possible. While I am vaccinated, practice physical distancing and masking indoors as a matter of course, I'll want to inform any other families with whom I've worked or any other people I might have seen during that time. I'll also enter a quarantine period to be safe.

Conversely, if I've had a potential exposure, I will inform all clients ASAP.

If any symptoms appear within a 48-hour window of our session, please inform me as soon as possible. We can easily reschedule our session until symptoms are gone or until after a quarantine period. All Covid precautionary reschedules are free of charge (this policy is the same as for inclement weather reschedules).

Then, most importantly, get some rest! Take good care of yourselves, drink lots of fluids, I'll remain in contact, and we'll see each other soon!

Are you doing in-home sessions?

Where are your sessions?

Yes! Now that I've had my booster, I once again feel safe to enter your home with a mask on. My greatest fear has been exposing any clients, especially my littlest ones, to Covid, and this is why I eliminated in-home sessions from my repertoire from March 2020 to October 2021.

The majority of my sessions are outdoors and in places that allow us the greatest amount of space to distance. The good news is that, living in the Puget Sound, we're surrounded with incredible places that let us be out in nature and be safe! I love to have our locations play a big role in our sessions anyway, so thankfully this hasn't changed in the age of Covid!

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