Spring 2022 Mini Sessions


Y’all, it may not seem like it now, but the sun will return. It’s coming back and it will be here before we know it. I’ve felt the warmth of the sun multiple times this week. Which must mean it’s time to announce my Spring 2022 Mini Sessions!

Cherry Blossom Minis: March 26-27*, 8-10AM⠀⠀

*date subject to change based on full bloom forecast

These are my absolute favourite mini sessions of the year. I love to get out to the UW again, feel nostalgic for my grad years there, and show families new and old the beauty of the campus and the Quad. These take place right smack dab in the middle of the UW Quad with 60+-year old cherry blossom trees gifted from Japan (please don’t climb on them, they are fragile). These sessions are also a touch earlier than my usual start times so we can beat the crowds. I know that’s not ideal for littler littles but it also means far fewer people we have to dodge; trust me, it’s worth it.

Spring Flower Minis at Infinity Farm: April 24, 4-6PM⠀⠀

Now these, these I’m super excited for. I can’t wait to see this beautiful little farm in the Spring! We’ll make lots of use of the ample space in the open field. There might even be flower crowns. You’ll just have to book a session to find out!

More promo images will come in the next month but for now, enjoy these of our Fall and Winter sessions there last year.

Sunrise Minis at Alki: April 30, 7:30-9:30AM⠀

I know what you’re thinking: 7:30 is so early. That’s practically right after Jesus has woken up the sun. And you’re right, friend, it’s very early. But!! I promise you the light is gorgeous there then. And if your children are anything like mine and just do not sleep past 6AM, then you’re already going to be awake. Plus, I always find littles are more amenable to photos earlier in the morning — more energetic, more ready to play, and better listeners overall. So come play on the beach with me in the super early morning light.

Please enjoy these from a previous sun-filled session with whose light I am still obsessed.

So don your pastels and your Easter bonnet with all the frills upon it and join me for some fun in what I am praying will be lots of sun.

Get on my calendar now — my minis always sell out quickly! And these Spring 2022 Mini Sessions are the only ones I’ll be doing until the Fall, so don’t sleep on them!


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