West Seattle Monster Dash 2021


I was so thrilled to be able to be back at Monster Dash taking photos again this year, and so beyond excited that West Seattle Monster Dash was going to include group events again! Everything was going to still be very Covid-conscious, but it was such a delight to see people in groups having fun again. Last year’s special photo sessions and drive-thru packet pickup was definitely fun but seeing everyone in groups again was the perfect reminder of the importance of community after such a tumultuous and difficult 18 months.

Photo Booth

My main duty this year was doing the photo booth. One of the best parts of Monster Dash is having families all come in their varied and super creative costumes and getting to see them all running around and just having a blast. I loved getting to photograph so many friends old and new this year!

I also just need to shoutout Teacher Kristi for bringing her easy-up and putting it over me right as the rain started to pick up. It definitely saved both me and my camera, so the biggest of shoutouts to her for both bringing that and helping families fill out our forms and helping give directions.

Kids Dash

The main event at Monster Dash in non-plague years is the 5K and the Kids Dash. Logistically it was easier to just have everyone who wanted to the 5K do it virtually and have the Kids Dash staggered every 20 minutes throughout the day while the kids ran laps around the court and chased the monster (all masked, of course!)

And honestly? I think I like this method of Kids Dash better than the giant free-for-all 100-yard dash it was in previous years. All the kids got more time to chase the monster instead of running in a pack, and the monster also got more time to run and play with the kids and their grown-ups.

Monster Dash is always such a joyful event and a wonderful encapsulation of the community that SSC Co-Op Preschools creates.

I can’t wait to see what next year looks like (come on, little kids vaccines!) and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to once again capture this special day and help support the preschools that give so much to our family and our whole West Seattle community!


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