Mini Family Session on Vashon Island


Vashon Island is this gorgeous little island just off of West Seattle. I love Vashon. I can see Vashon from my house (well, relatively speaking). It (and the Vashon Island ferry) are in the backdrop of so many of my session photos but I so rarely get over there.

Seattle, like a lot of the west coast, deals a lot with May Gray, June Gloom where it’s cloudy in the morning and beautiful by about noon. People joke that summer doesn’t start here until July 4th (they’re not wrong) so once it seemed like the weather was going to break and we would have sun in the morning, I put out a model call on my Facebook for some local families in West Seattle and Vashon who might want to get out and run around in this beautiful park I’d been wanting to visit for ages.

Mini Session at Maury Island Marine Park on Vashon Island

As you can see, the weather did not want to cooperate and the further south on Vashon I drove, the cloudier it got. I’m the type who’ll roll with any kind of weather, though, and everyone put on sweaters and long pants and we went for it anyway (I love adventurous families!).

The beautiful thing about the Puget Sound is that, no matter what the sky is doing, you’re always guaranteed these gorgeous greens. Even the browns of the rain-hungry fields make for a beautiful setting!

One reason I chose this park is because unlike places like Lincoln Park in West Seattle, the upper fields and the water are so much closer together. Closer locations means it’s easier on everyone, especially the littler littles!

Another added bonus of this location: all the waterfowl! Not only did we see this great blue heron (can you see it?) but also the most gorgeous osprey.

Vashon Island families, I would love to meet you and run around this beautiful park together~ Seattle families, let’s all board a ferry and check out this truly hidden gem!

Shoot me an email or head on over to my booking page and let’s get out there!


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